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Paraffin Therapy

Apply heat to hand, wrist, ankle or foot using a paraffin warmer. For treatment of patients suffering from pain associated with arthritis,  strains, sprains and joint stiffness. Use with beads or blocks of paraffin wax, also found in this section

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  • WaxWel® Paraffin Baths
    WaxWel® paraffin unit for soothing paraffin treatment of hand or foot. WaxWel® unit is heavy duty for continuous use in high traffic clinics. The unit has an oversized tank that can accommodate a man’s size 12½ foot. The unit is portable and can even be used in the home.
  • WaxWel® Paraffin Bath...
    WaxWel® paraffin bath refills are compatible with all paraffin warmers. WaxWel® paraffin is high quality paraffin with excellent melting characteristics, moistness and feel. All WaxWel® refills, both solid blocks and pastille pellets (beads) are sealed in individual polybags in increments of 1 pound.
  • Therabath® Paraffin Baths
    Therabath® paraffin unit for paraffin bath treatment.
  • Parabath® Paraffin Baths
    Parabath® paraffin unit for paraffin bath treatment.
  • Whitehall® Paraffin Baths
    Whitehall® paraffin unit for paraffin bath treatment.
  • Dickson® Paraffin Baths
    Dickson® paraffin unit and accessories for paraffin bath treatment.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 62 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 62 items